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option trading strategy

When it comes to the financial market, options are usually known to be associated with high risk taking. Perhaps they are not for beginners, and some option trading strategy is necessary for optimal understanding of the market. These strategies involve assessing the market and calculating the risks pertaining to any potential investment. With options trade the stakes are high. Gains can be huge and so can the losses. Therefore it's important to get an understanding and learn the strategies.

Why the hammock?

We just found out that the thieves, who took our rib boats last weekend, also took the hammock we had in our garden. Why, you might ask. And that is exactly what I am asking myself. The thieves took away the boats, that is a lot of money and they will sell them but why the hammock? My husband thinks that the thieves used the hammock to get rid of all the locks and that the thieves did not want to leave traces. Probably they threw away all the locks in the hammock because that was close to the boats ...